Thursday, January 24, 2013

Issue 103 - Different Races, Different Faces

1.     Different races, different faces
Fairyland 2 is out and if you are still undecided on which race to choose from? Let us analyze for you!

2.     Animated movie of the year!
Releasing in theaters in March, The Croods 3D is a must watch animated film which stars an exciting cast of stars like Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds ,Emma Stone and much more!

3.     Great addition of game for X-box gamers
The game which sold 5 million copies following its launch in May is getting its space in Coco! It is none other than Minecraft (Xbox).

4.     Ready for Vanguard Booster Pack 5 release?
The long awaited Booster Pack 5 is finally reaching us this coming Febuary!

5.     How can a Ben 10 fan missed out on these!
Let us introduce several of the Ben 10 toys !

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