Thursday, November 7, 2013



Upcoming comic: Hero of Robots
Check out the characters in "Hero of Robots, coming to you soon in CO-CO! Magazine!

Pokémon X and Y!:Last month, we talked about the latest new addition to the Pokemon Legacy of games РPokemon X and Y! One of the many new exciting additions is the Mega Evolution. Find out more about it, and more importantly, how YOU can wield it to your advantage in battle!

Gundam Building Fighters:
If you’ve been waiting patiently for the next big thing to happen in Gundam, you’re in luck! We’ve got the newest scoop on the next major Gundam series, and this time, the hero is YOUR own creation!

Digimon Fusion Battles:
Catch Digimon Fusion Battles on OKTO Every Sunday at 11am!

Readers Appreciation Lucky Draw:
Stand a chance to win Kamen Rider figures, Gundam figures and many more by filling out and sending in the research form

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

COCO #110 - MAX STEEL Dual Cover Special

Disney Infinity
Disney is bringing an awesome new game that lets you unleash that very imagination within you. The name? Disney Infinity!
Max Steel
Get a glimpse of the latest characters and their weapons in this issue.

Digimon Fusion Battles:

Check out the Digimon Fushion Loader and catch the Digimon Fushion Battles on OKTO every Sunday at 11am!

LBX: Meeting The Tiny Machine
First chapter to the LBX manga series, featured in CO-CO! Watch out for the tiny machines coming your way!
Readers Appreciation Lucky Draw
Stand a chance to win Kamen Rider W toys, Tamashii Nations figurines, Disney Infinity and many more by simply filling out and sending in the research form!


Monday, July 29, 2013

COCO #109 - CO-CO! turns 9 with a special DUAL COVER issue, featuring Percy Jackson & Turbo!

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
Catch up with Percy and his friends as they embark on a new adventure in the 2nd instalment of the Percy Jackson franchise, out in the cinemas on 29th August 2013.

Turbo: Racing League
Get into the mood for speed with Turbo and his friends as they begin their lives on the FAST lane, featuring an activity sheet – Scrambled Snails.

The Digital Battle Begins!
A sneak peek into the characters of Digimon Fusion Battles that begins on 21st July 2013 on OKTO, every Sunday at 11am.

Tamashii Nation: Childhood Heroes' BIG Comeback!!
Childhood heroes make a comeback in Tamashii Nations! There’s a little something for everyone, featuring toy figures from Ultraman Nexus, Power Rangers, Rockman X and Sailor Moon!

Finale to Animal Tales!
The last chapter of the Animal Tales manga series, featured in CO-CO! Thank you to all our readers for your continuous support.

Friday, June 28, 2013

COCO #108- Unleash The Beast!

The Fearful Beast- The Wolverine!!
Get acquainted with Wolverine's old friends and get ready for him to unleash his claws in cinemas on 25th July! 

COCO Visits!
COCO Visits is back after a long hiatus and this time round we found a cool shop at Funan DigitaLife Mall- Invasion Toys & Collectibles! 

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters!
We first met Percy and gang in Percy Jackson & The Lightening Thief and now after 3 years, they're back for a new adventure!

LBX- Build a New Legend
COCO introduces some new LBX so that you LBX warriors will be ever ready for never ending battles!

One Piece AR Carddass Formation Sailing Again!
One Piece Formation fans will be delighted to know that new characters have been introduced to the mix!
Find out which characters they are in the newest issue. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

COCO # 107 - The Return of a Legend!

1) Movie Frenzy! 
It's the return of everyone's favourite Superman, Wolverine and Despicable Me characters! Also watch out for the action packed film- Pacific Rim with monster-bashing robots that's filled with promise of an epic fight!

2) LBX kit tutorial
New to LBX? Don't worry, in this issue we'll be teaching you how to build the best kit to show it off.

3) Tamashii Disney King Robo
How do you like it if Mickey Mouse and friends decided to imitate Power Rangers and deck out in robot style?

4) B-Daman training
B-Daman is back and more exciting than ever! Learn how to be the best in the battle Cross Fight B-Daman!

5) Lucky draw!
Win B-Daman games, LBX and Man of Steel toys and The Croods premium items! Remember to send in your research form to win all these goodies! 

Monday, April 29, 2013

COCO # 106- An Epic Fun Adventure!

1) An EPIC Fun Time!

There's more in the forest than just plants, animals or creatures. Get to know the other unique characters and we also have 20 sets of EPIC premiums to give away!

2) Get closer to one of our favourite superhero - The Ultimate Spider-Man

One of our favourite superheroes is back and you can follow closely behind his heroic adventures only on Disney XD!

3)  Injustice: Gods Among Us

In this world, nothing is as it seems. Former allies are now enemies and familiar faces aren't as you remember them. This is the world of Injustice: Gods Amongst Us! 

4) Royal Battle Rumble

Catch LBX on Okto every Thursday and Friday but in the meantime check out some of the model kits featured in our latest issue!

5) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Revival!

The all time classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back with a bang! Check out the latest collection of action figures and you'll also stand a chance to win a set from our lucky draw!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Issue 105 Preview


1)      Man vs Machine!!
Returning to cinema is none other than Ironman and he will once again face dangerous foes. Learn more about the plot in this issue!

2)      The Best of Battlers
Let us introduce the characters from LBX – Little Battlers eXperience before it airs on 3rd April on OKTO!

3)      Jump Into The Fray
Get your hands on these complete range of LBX Model Kits before the show airs on OKTO.

4)      The Ultimate Finishing Blows
Big fan of Senjya No Fumashi? Take a look at some of the special moves used in previous battles to clinch the victory!

5)      The Battle Is In Your Hands and Kick Up A Storm
Introducing not 1 but 2 games! They are Marvel’s The Avengers: Battle for Earth and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Coco Issue 104 preview

1)    Get Ready To ROCK Your World
      Decipher the symbols that Grug has written on the wall. Also, win “The Croods” premium in this month’s lucky draw

2)     Every Tale Has Its’s Beginning
           Explore the prequel of “The Wizard Of Oz” which brings you back to where it all started!

3)     Allies From Another World
Wage war with all new units designed by manga artist, Akira Itou. Introducing Booster Set Comic Style Vol 1!

4)    Skyward Soldier And Soar Through The Night
Set your eyes on these 2 amazing Gundam figures!

5)     Brick Set- Evolved And Build Your Own Adventure
Have it your way with Halo and World Of Warcraft in Brick-Style!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Issue 103 - Different Races, Different Faces

1.     Different races, different faces
Fairyland 2 is out and if you are still undecided on which race to choose from? Let us analyze for you!

2.     Animated movie of the year!
Releasing in theaters in March, The Croods 3D is a must watch animated film which stars an exciting cast of stars like Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds ,Emma Stone and much more!

3.     Great addition of game for X-box gamers
The game which sold 5 million copies following its launch in May is getting its space in Coco! It is none other than Minecraft (Xbox).

4.     Ready for Vanguard Booster Pack 5 release?
The long awaited Booster Pack 5 is finally reaching us this coming Febuary!

5.     How can a Ben 10 fan missed out on these!
Let us introduce several of the Ben 10 toys !