Thursday, January 26, 2012


Is the force with you? 
The Jedis and Sith Lords are forever at  loggerheads in war, but they've come together with one thing in common, to join the fight against priacy! Dominating the screens in Cinemas this year, watch out for the stars in 3D! Don't blink! 

Unveiled the Lucky Winners 
Who won what? Dying to find out who are the winners of the Christmas Lucky Draw? Don't miss this issue! 

Dominating the streets at Night 
The only rider you never have to run from if your conscience is clear is definitely the Ghost Rider. Johnny Blaze is back with much more swagger and stronger opponents to defeat! Care for a ride? 

Dragon Snooker for Dragon Year 
Now you have the perfect excuse to play this game since it is in tune with the Dragon year! Up your level and gear up for stronger challengers now! 

What's Gogo? 
Think you've got moves to the groove? Check out these dancing characters that keep your two feet popping to the beat! Did I hear someone say two left feet? 

More exciting news installed for you in this issue! You won't want to miss it! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Happy New Year to all our dearest COCO! readers. We hope this new year brings to you a fresh start and many happy moments! Work hard to achieve your dreams and goals~

Kick-start the year with these two new games, Happy Feet and Rayman, that are guaranteed to keep you smiling all year long!

Back In Action
COCO! is back in action with the most fabulous movies previews! Watch out for The Rock in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and Star Wars in 3D! Isn’t 2012 sweet?
The art of Dragon Snooker
What’s up with the latest craze on Dragon Snooker? Find out about the dos and don’ts to keep yourself on the top of the game!

Plastic Express at max speed
This time we introduce you some fabulous new plastic models that are bound to steal your heart. Watch out for them now!
Gaining on Gundam
Missed the Gundam event at Compass Point last November? No fret! We bring you the latest event coverage as well as the lowdown on the conflict of three generations in Gundam Age.
Don’t miss this month’s COCO! and watch out for a fabulous promotion coming to you soon!