Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy '5-TASTIC'

COCO is turning 5 in just 5 months! Hi5 to this 'five'-tastic event of the year. Not only were the COCO crew so excited that it's just 5 months short but we so went bonkers, we thought we share some 5-fever with you!

Maybe you guys should try fixing some five up. Can be a drawing can be a montage, anything 5 is fine.
Have 5 loads of FUN, till we meet again.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Legendary Team

Adolescents, welcome!

Ini mini miani moe, who’s the legend of COCO’s soul?

Looks like its high time you guys knew who the brains and the brawns of COCO are. Very simply, COCO picked out the 5 most influential people to be the face of COCO’s blog. So, here goes…

Jasmine Tan, our dearest production executive, she does everything from making sure COCO is safely sent to you to picking up your enquired calls. The nice jie jie of the team! Check out her table, its uber neat and on top of that she has cute stuff including a mini tissue box. By the way, she the bubbly buble of the team. Whenever she's not in the office, the office gets really quiet. I can say she's very fun to be with.

Karin Khoo, IT'S ME IT'S ME. Yes i have a ton of stuff on my table. If you take a closer look i'm still a kid just like all of you, well young at heart. I absolutely love everything cute and nice pretty things so it inspires me when i start losing momentum in writing. I think everyone should have something to keep their momentum going.
Qi Long , the designer of the team. Take a look at your beautiful COCO, kudos to him you get to enjoy such beauty of colours and art. Quite very inspiring, maybe one day, you guys will be just like him, bringing colours to other people’s life. Ok his table is a little messy, but I guess he likes it this way. Jasmine and I tried to pack his table once and somehow it turned out like this again. Haha.
May Ling, the decision maker, our Editor. She is the one who made things happen, who gave you the rights to read every wonderful content in COCO. Something about our Editor you should know, she always carries the interest of COCO’s fan, ensuring everyone goes home with the best COCO content you can get. As you can see, she’s quite the Harry Potter and Ice-Age fan.
Josephine Poh, our finance manager. She does all the money collecting, money handling and money calculating! Awesome right? Well, if you wanna be like her, you’ve got to work really hard on your mathematics. Can you spot that calculator on her table, told you she’s all about the numbers.
Well, all in all each and every one of us in the team compliments each other, stay united to bring you today’s COCO. What some might call, the wonders of a team.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It all started with a message to my Editor on a fateful night at 10.45pm....

As usual I was taking some time to have a peace of mind when I suddenly notice that we’re in dire jeopardy to communicate with you guys, which evidently, the best way would be through a blog, where all you kiddos can blast your comments on.

So I picked up my phone, started texting her the idea of starting a CO-CO! blog and hoping so much my Editor’s still awake.

3 minutes later, a buzz came…

My Editor replied and thus was born!