Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Issue 95- Our Favourite Hero is Back!

Vanguard Crash Course 
Are you new to Cardfight Vanguard? Don’t worry! We are giving you a basic tutorial to get you started on this popular game everyone’s been talking about.

Batman’s Back! 
Batman’s back after 8 long years! Let’s find out more about the cast before you catch it in cinemas.

Ice Age 4
Are you curious to find out what Manny and Peaches revealed to us in the interview? Plus you get to test your Math solving skills in the puzzle.

New Spiderman!
Get to know the new cast of Spiderman before you embark on a thrilling adventure with them!

Thundercats Remake 
Thundercats are back on TV! Read out more about the characters inside our latest issue!

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