Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Issue 92 – An age of evolution arrives!

It’s the age of MEGA!
Is the second evolution of Gundam AGE-2 strong enough to defend mankind? Or will they fell under the canons of their archenemies – the UE (Unknown Enemy)?   

Trees can talk.
From the creators of Despicable Me and the imagination of Dr. Seuss comes the 3D-CG feature The Lorax. Follow the journey of a 12 year old as he searches for the one thing that enables him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams.

Shoot to the top!
Think you have what it takes to beat other professional Dragon Snookers? Find out in this issue.

Gear up for action.
More Go-Buster Rangers for all you fans out here! The Top 5 ‘Must-Have’ Power Rangers Samurai items.

Digimon unleashed!
Overwhelmed by multiple enemies? Learn the tricks and stratagems in the new Digimon card battle Version 4.

More sizzling action awaits in this issue. Hot!

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Just FYI, there’s an event for bloggers and the prizes are iPad2 and Cash. Find the info in my blog