Tuesday, November 1, 2011

COCO! November Issue Coming Soon XD

Cover Story
More than just a racing game, you need great skill, strategy and tactic to cross the finish line first! Mario Kart 7 is an upcoming racing video game in the Mario Kart series for the Nintendo 3DS, and just like series, you get to race whacky characters against each other in numerous race circuits.

Go Plastic!
You wouldn't want to miss this month's plastic models section! Be the first to particpate in the contest and win awesome prizes!

All Hail Samurai Rangers!
Meet the 5 Power Rangers Samurai at this Christmas Fantasy at Takashimaya Shopping Centre and have an awesome time learning some cool action moves. Read for more details!

Check out these new games with the likes of Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Sonic The Hedgehog and Spiderman! Whooo, we can't wait!!!

Anibee Throwdown
COCO is all about introducing the best and latest anime. This time, get up to speed with Hatsukoi Limited and Akikan! by going to www.anibee.tv!

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Tan Jun Jie Wesley said...

If i want to email u the prize form do i need to put the form into a letter???