Monday, October 3, 2011

COCO! #87 October COMING SOON!

COCO! In Action
Reward yourself for all the hard work during exams! The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn combines three comics from the comic series (The Crab with the Golden Claws, The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham's Treasure) into one amazing 3D movie. In theatres 10 November 2011.

Mad about Megazords!
The ultimate symbols of power for the Samurai Rangers, Megazords are formed when Zords combine their powers and weapons together to create the ultimate fighting machine! Find out which zord belongs to which ranger and what it does!

It’s Hanasaku Iroha! Hanasaku Iroha’s arrival on anibee feels like a breath of fresh air as it gradually unfolds how life at a rural hot springs inn can be like. Like all shonen anime, it is also about determination and hope to change oneself, while sticking up for one’s friends. Are you ready to be inspired?

Generator Rex
Get to know more about Generator Rex’s characters and learn about all his abilities! EVO does not sound so bad now, doesn’t it? 

COCO! Picks
Dragonball Z Hero, One Piece Halloween Chopperman and Evangeleon kids mini collectibles are some of COCO!’s favourite little treasures this month! Carry them around wherever you go and you will never have a dull moment again! Life is sweet!

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