Thursday, August 11, 2011

How much is that doggie by the window?

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In a blink of eye, we’ve reached the month of August and here’s a Bow Wow from our little paw friend – Coco.

Isn’t she adorable? *Drools* That’s Coco striking a pose. You must be wondering, how did she get her name? Well, she wasn’t named Coco on purpose for sure. As told by the owner, this breed of Toy poodle is originated from France and therefore, drawing inspiration from the world-renowned French fashion designer, Coco Chanel, she was thus named Coco!

Born on 11th January 2011, this tomboyish fur ball weighs at 3.5kg and enjoys eating chick gristle. Do you know that the Toy Poodle have a cheerful and lively personality that thrives human companionship? Coco displays similar traits as she will always be game for a walk with her owner. We say that’s a clever trick to spend more quality time with your owner, right Coco?

“To you he is a dog, but to them you are everything”. Read more about how to take care of pets at

How about some belly rubs now, anyone?

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