Wednesday, February 23, 2011

COCO! in Facebook

Has any of you already realised this?

Yes! COCO! finally has a Facebook account. And it's all because of You!

We've receieved numerous enquiries on having a Facebook account hence we've decided it's time COCO! join Facebook as well.

Come join us by "Liking" our Facebook page here:


Vong said...

I know, but I'm underage so got no FB account. I heard many faked their ages. Why did they do so? Isn't that against integrity?

CO-CO! said...

Hi Vong, well we're not sure why some of them fake their ages. but we do hope that they know how to protect themselves by not disclosing any of their personal information in facebook, it can be an invite to trouble.
Not to worry, we will still post the same things in our blog for now. =)