Friday, January 7, 2011

January Preview COCO! #78

The wait is finally here! Animal Kaiser Launch of version 5

Have you been waiting for this to come? Check out the next breed of beasts that have invaded in Animal Kaiser!

AK Club Giveaway
Here's a chance for you to win Super Rare Animal Kaiser cards that you've been wanting!

Soar for Silver and Go for Gold with Power Rangers RPM
Find up more in this feature of the Gold & Silver Rangers in Power Rangers RPM

Makin' it Bigger
Find out how in an Over-the-Top Undercover Comedy - Big Momma's House 3

SD Gundam Action Figures
All all new way to enjoy Sangokuden

Keroro Pirates
Are you prepared for the pirate adventure with Keroro?

All these and more in COCO! January #78 - have you got it yet?


Anonymous said...

i have not recieved the parcel of the coco magazine subcription and i am the person in joo chiat i subcribe b4


i recieved it n i joined the co-co Animal Kaise contest i hope i can win sieghfried