Wednesday, May 20, 2009

COCO's frozen with excitement!

Looks like Singapore's gonna have a change of weather and it's gonna be three times the freeze. CO-CO! interviewed Melvin Tan, the Senior Animator of Ice Age 3!

Do you like to draw? Do you want to create awesome cartoons like Ice Age 3? Do you want to become like Melvin Tan in future? Did I tell you, he's a big comic fan like you guys too! Check out the coming CO-CO! 59 for more of Melvin Tan's interview.

Is that... *wheres my acorn

Yeap, it's Scrat, the acorn maniac

Stay tune for quizes to enjoy autographed posters of Ice Age 3 by Melvin Tan!

Goodbye for now.


Sean said...

OMG!!!!!!Hope I can win thopse posters!i may like to draw,but i suck at it!-_- BOO!HISS!

Anonymous said...

I want the posters too! Can't wait to watch the movie.