Thursday, April 2, 2009

It all started with a message to my Editor on a fateful night at 10.45pm....

As usual I was taking some time to have a peace of mind when I suddenly notice that we’re in dire jeopardy to communicate with you guys, which evidently, the best way would be through a blog, where all you kiddos can blast your comments on.

So I picked up my phone, started texting her the idea of starting a CO-CO! blog and hoping so much my Editor’s still awake.

3 minutes later, a buzz came…

My Editor replied and thus was born!


Insomniac said...

Nice. You have a unique way of presenting the staffs, all i see is empty seats.

Anonymous said...

the best is yet to come. we will gradually review it all.

someone you know


Check out my blog!
Maybe u could like make a column with Co-co! Fan's link?

Anonymous said...

co-co! your web site ROX!!! but if there are any event will you put on the web? Btw u guts Rox!!! from chen yan :)

WWE Fanatic! said...

U guys totally rock!I crave ur comic like vampires crave blood and i just got ur latest issue just yesterday!
From Ur Totally Rad & No.1 Fan,
Sean Tham

SorasNobodyXIII said...

u guyz totally ROX! every single month i am always looking forward to reading Co-Co!

btw, i got a question - does anyone know when the PSP game 'Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep' will be released in Singapore? I really want it! Please reply!!!

crazy rubbish man said...

hi i just visit ur blog
its not bad...
its awsome
i totally love it
its the best i seen in my life
it could even be better than my blog
love u...

cocomag said...


I can't view your blog, seems like a broken link. Maybe you re-type your blog's url?

I've added a follower's gadget, be CO-CO!'s follower!


cocomag said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes I will update all CO-CO! events on the blog as well as the web!

Remeber to check your CO-CO! blog everyweek and see what's happening with CO-CO!


cocomag said...

Hi Sean,

Thank you for bein CO-CO!'s number one fan!!!!!!!!!!!


cocomag said...

Hi SorasNobodyXIII,

Kingdom of Hearts Birth by Sleep is predicted to be released one the 31st December 2009, although it's still subject to changes.

But anyways, stay tune alright!


Sean said...

Thanks Co-co!

Sean said...

Hi ,co-co! its ur no.1 fan,Sean!I am ur 1st follower!
Cheers from Hougang,Sean

Sean said...

BTW,I was ur fan since 2004!
The Maddest Co-co! Fan,Sean

Anonymous said...

when will voyager Longhaul going to be in stores and the legends Devastator and did you notice the CO-CO books have spelling errors I think that can be improve by checking though,BUT,you`re the best informative comic-book in Asia simply a jolly great awsome book!!!=)and when will it be in stores(legends Devastator and voyager Longhaul)=)please reply

From Sideswipe

Anonymous said...

Hi CO-CO! Visit my website!

Hinata Hasegawa


Maybe some songs on the blog.....?

DZ midnight said...

will masked rider decade be aired in singapore in the future?

Sean said...

Come on guys,vote for MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is MAGIC!!!!!!!!!

Sean said...

DZ Midnight,You can watch it already on youtube!this is episode 1 part 1 with subtitles: